Avaturn & DeepMotion: Democratizing Digital Doppelgangers


Game On for Lifelike Avatars!

Get ready to ditch the green screen and say hello to next-level digital twins! Avaturn and DeepMotion, two industry titans, have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends mere tech. This epic alliance signals a new era of creating digital humans for EVERYONE - from social media stardom to mind-blowing Metaverse adventures.

DeepMotion: The Puppet Masters of Digital Humans

Founded in 2014, DeepMotion's been on a mission to breathe life into digital characters with some seriously impressive AI muscle. Their secret sauce? A powerful combo of advanced physics simulation and cutting-edge AI motion capture. Their ultimate goal? Making high-quality animation accessible to the masses. Imagine – creating dynamic animations from a simple video upload? DeepMotion's founder and CEO, Kevin He, is making that dream a reality.

Avaturn Joins the Party: Supercharge Your Avatar

Avaturn takes things a step further, transforming a basic selfie into a fully customizable 3D avatar primed for animation. The magic happens when Avaturn's tech integrates with DeepMotion's Animate 3D web service. This dream team lets you bypass traditional motion capture setups and convert ANY video into smooth 3D animations. That's right, folks – it's animation on autopilot!

Ready to Craft and Animate Your Own Digital Twin? Buckle Up!

DeepMotion: Your Animation Bootcamp

  1. Suit Up: Create your free DeepMotion account and get ready to unleash your inner animator

  2. Level Up: Verify your account using the activation link – gotta keep those digital doppelgangers safe!

  3. Fortress of Solitude: Secure your account with a strong password and a security question – you wouldn't want anyone else animating your avatar, would you?

  4. Choose Your Weapon: DeepMotion offers a variety of subscription plans. Pick the one that best suits your animation aspirations, whether you're a casual creator or a full-blown Metaverse movie director.

Avaturn: Building Your Digital You

  1. The Avaturn Advantage: Within DeepMotion, head to the "3D Models" section and get started crafting your avatar with Avaturn's intuitive tech.

  2. Become Your Own Avatar Smith: Whip out your phone and scan your face. Then, unleash your inner fashionista and customize your digital twin with a variety of styles and accessories.

  3. Behold, Your Creation! Once you're happy with your masterpiece, save your avatar in the DeepMotion library. It's animation time!

DeepMotion: Prepping for Animation Greatness

  1. Master the Art of the Take: DeepMotion's got your back with video capture guidelines for optimal results:

  2. Capture Your Moves: Now's your moment to shine! Record your actions, making sure every movement is clear and visible.

Bringing Your Avatar to Life: The Grand Finale

  1. Animation Time!: Head back to DeepMotion, select your Avaturn avatar, and use your video to create the animation magic.

  2. Download and Dominate: Review your final masterpiece and download it in your preferred format. The Metaverse awaits your animated arrival!

This groundbreaking partnership between Avaturn and DeepMotion is a game-changer for avatar creation and animation. With Avaturn's user-friendly avatar crafting and DeepMotion's AI-powered animation muscle, anyone can create lifelike digital twins and bring them to life with personalized gestures. The future of digital expression is wide open, and it's about to get a whole lot more YOU!

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