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Boost your experiences with Engagement and Creativity with our Selfie-based 3D Avatars creator.

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Customized to your brand
Create the perfect branded experience with everything you need; Logos, colors, outfits, etc.
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Create endless content
Create a digital twin to your presenters, users or influencers to boost up your content production.
Tailored to your needs
From immersive experiences to real-life events, we can help your crazy ideas come to life.
Limitless creativity
See how the top brands are personalizing their campaigns with Avaturn.
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Disney's Broadcast Revolution
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NBA Fan Engagement
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How it works

Create avatar
from Selfie

Turn your users into super realistic 3D avatars with a single selfie. yes, it's that easy. try it out yourself >>

Create an avatar

Personalize it...

Body types, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to complete unique look for each and everyone. More than 10,000 looks can be created. wanna add your branded stuff? no problem.


Integrate anywhere

The Realistic and customizable 3D avatars are ready to use in your MetaVerse, Game, Event, video or app. Simply Export the avatars as files or integrate as plugin into your product.

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What can I do with the Avatars?
The avatars are your 3d digital representation. This means that you can animate, play and use it as your digital twin for content generation or personalized chatbot that has your face on it. Since Avaturn was built to generate digital avatars on scale, this means that you can personalize your experience to millions of people simply by integrating our plugin into your digital content.
Is it easy to integrate? / Do I need a code?
Avaturn is easy to integrate and it can be done so without any coding experience. Our webview plugin can be integrated as a window in your game or app, that opens up upon user request, takes a selfie of the user and returns back the 3D avatar of the user into your environment. Using our developer hub, you can easily modify the way avaturn looks in your environment by changing the colors of the viewer, uploading your 3D garments, adding your logo and customizing every aspect to make the Avaturn look native to your game, app or metaverse environment.
How scalable can it be?
Avaturn was built for scale. This means that you can generate thousands of avatars simultaneously. The avatars generated by Avaturn were designed to be light so they can run on browser or low-compute devices on the one hand and to run in large numbers in a single environment without taking down the performance on the other.
Is it secured?
Yes. The selfies of the user are taken and sent for processing on cloud (We use Google cloud and AWS), once the avatar is being generated the 3D model is being sent back to your environment. Moreover, upon an API request or user request you can instantly delete the data.
Can I make the Avatars talk?
Yes. Our avatars have blendshapes on their face, which means that they are easy to animate. You can do it in real time directly from Avaturn’s website and export it to your environment, or you can just export the avatar and animate it manually in softwares like Blender and Maya. Another way to animate avatars is by using visemes which is a simple method for text to animation
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