Transforming Cricket with Disney and Avaturn: The New Era of 3D Avatars in Sports Broadcasting


Sports broadcasting has seen significant changes, moving from radio to the engaging digital streams we enjoy today. This shift has influenced everyone from athletes to fans and media companies.

Disney, known for its wide range of entertainment offerings, partnered with India's StarTV to bring an unprecedented experience to cricket broadcasting. Their goal was to connect fans with the sport in a novel way, using 3D avatars to make cricket stars more relatable and engaging.

INK IN CAPS, a creative tech company, took on the challenge of making these digital interactions as real as possible. Working with Avaturn, they were able to create detailed avatars quickly and efficiently, avoiding the long development times usually needed for such high-quality animations.


Imagine watching Shubman Gill, a top cricket player, celebrating in a 3D avatar right before he plays. We made this possible with our in3D technology, designed for enterprise clients, allowing for the creation of detailed player avatars in minutes.

For those looking for a simpler option, Avaturn's technology lets users create realistic avatars with just a few selfies, bypassing the need for a full body scan.

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Animating these avatars was made efficient with Avaturn's rigging system, which adjusts pre-recorded animations to fit different player body types in real-time. This approach saved both time and money while ensuring the animations looked natural.

And what about dressing these avatars in team jerseys? Avaturn handled that too. Our AI-driven asset management system allows for garments to be accurately fitted to any player's avatar, ensuring they look just right in their team colors.

To make this immersive experience a reality for fans, INK IN CAPS used augmented reality technology, blending player avatars with live-action settings. This not only enhances the viewing experience but also brings fans closer to the game.

This project showcases how technology can make sports broadcasting more interactive and enjoyable, offering fans around the world new ways to connect with their favorite sports.

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