Unveiling the New Avaturn: A Leap Forward in Personalized Avatars


At Avaturn, we're all about making the complex simple. Our latest update isn't just an upgrade; it's a leap toward making personalized digital avatars easier to create, integrate, and enjoy for everyone.

Asset Manager: The Game-Changer for Creative Studios

Our latest update lets creative studios focus on what they do best - Being creative!

Now, you can upload your garments, eyewear, and shoes, and effortlessly change environments without writing a single line of code.

This opens up a new world of customization, allowing studios to tailor the avatar experience to their unique brand identity or creative vision.

Designing custom assets for Avaturn is straightforward. Start with one of our template avatars as your canvas.

With the Avaturn Editor, there are no worries about accommodating various body types. Design your asset once for them, and Avaturn will adapt it smartly to all the rest. Fit is guaranteed, every single time. Read more

Create Avatar Photos with New Render API

A significant addition to our platform is the ability to render avatars. This feature is a game-changer for marketers looking to engage their audience with personalized content. Whether you're sending out avatar-based emails or creating unique social media posts, creating beautiful images with avatars is now simpler than ever.

Want to learn more? You can find the documentation here

Native Unity and Unreal SDKs

Our new SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine users, let you work natively. No web-views, browsers, or any external add-on. It's designed for easy integration, meaning you can bring Avaturn avatars into your games or apps without a hassle. And yes, it's in beta – we're just getting started! Read more

User Interface Updates

A pivotal part of our update is the redesigned user interface of the Avatar Hub. The new interface is not just about aesthetic improvements; it's about making the avatar creation and customization process more intuitive and enjoyable. This redesign underscores our commitment to providing a rich and user-friendly experience.

Web SDK Version 1.0

After lots of iterations, we are happy to upgrade our Web SDK to version 1.0. No major API changes are expected now. Read more

With Web SDK you can integrate Avaturn into any web environment (plain HTML, Javascript, Typescript), you can create your own UI to match your style while we still take all complex things like avatar rendering on ourselves.

New Body Shapes

Our latest release unveils refined body shapes crafted for stunning aesthetics and user-friendly animation. With standardized skeletons and subtle tweaks in joint widths, particularly in the shoulders, these models ensure natural consistency across various body types. We prioritize seamless integration, making it effortless to switch between versions. These upgraded body shapes will soon become our standard!

Complete Low-level API to Create Custom Experiences

Now you can use our API to manipulate avatars without using our graphical interface – everything using our REST API. There is an endpoint for creating an avatar from photos , switching on and off different garments (link), exporting an avatar as a GLB file, and rendering a thumbnail .

Stay tuned for more updates!

Create your avatar now: https://hub.avaturn.me/

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